Super Salad


Uhm.. What a great pictures with be greeted with… Right? 😉

Well I can explain! This little guy is great for using as an egg separator, which I used to make my breakfast this morning after my Insanity workout. By the way, does anyone else do that workout? Max Interval Plyometric is no joke!


For breakfast I made myself scrambled egg whites with spinach and veggie sausage (morning star) and I had that on an Ezekiel wrap. On the side I had ½ a grapefruit. Supposedly grapefruit is one of the best things to eat after your workout, but who knows!

Since the Ezekiel wraps are so small, I had whatever didn’t fit on the side. Winning. 😉

After breakfast and a quick shower, it was play time with Lexi.

I seriously adore this little girl and I love being an auntie!

I love her face in this picture!


Since I have school for the next 5 ½ hours today (booooooooooo) I decided to make a super salad!

Super Salad

In the mix:


Romaine Lettuce


½ Cucumber

1 handful almonds

5 large strawberries


And for dressing, I brought with me Balsamic Vinaigrette. J

Lunch- All together now 😉

Now I’m off to eat my salad and read before class!

See ya later for my first guest post!! 🙂


About Lisa

My name is Lisa and I am a junior in college majoring in Communication Disorders. I plan to go to graduate school for SLP. I am 20 years old and trying my best to live a fun, healthy and active lifestyle. I love to workout and I've recently found a new love for running and I will be in my first race this May. I've just started blogging, so bare with me as I try to get better at it! I enjoy blogging a lot and I love reading other people's blogs and learning about them and their lifestyle. That's about it for now, thanks for reading :-)
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9 Responses to Super Salad

  1. You salad with the strawberries on it looks fab! I love having fruit in my salad! How are those Ezekiel wraps? I’m debating on trying them!

  2. Fruit in the salad is the way to go! So good!

  3. Lovin the looks of that super salad 🙂 and the baby is too cute!!

  4. Courtney says:

    That’s a beautiful looking salad! Yum! Also, I ❤ Chobani. 🙂

  5. leashieloo says:

    So many things to love in this post. Adorable baby! Adorable egg separator! Amazing salad! Have a great weekend, girl!

  6. Lenna (veganlenna) says:

    Hehe, I am sure that Insanity isn´t called Insanity without a reason 🙂 I enjoy those workouts, but they are really tough and I still can´t do some of the moves for a little more than a couple of seconds :)) I am really craving some fresh strawberries thanks to your lovely looking salad :))

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