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Most of you are runners. A lot of you weren’t runners but became runners. Running is honestly not my strong point. I would much rather go to the gym & lift than go for a 5 mile run. But that’s just me. I would like to become a good runner. Okay maybe not good, but at least decent! πŸ˜‰

If you’ve been reading my blog then you know that my favorite races (so far) have been the ones where you get covered in mud & jump over fire.

My friend Aubrey & myself !

Even though I am not the type that would be willing to run every single day for pure enjoyment, I am getting better at it. But I need to change it up or else I get bored, easily. Sometimes I like to get my cardio in with Insanity! Which I noticed helped a lot. But also, running with a friend seems to help too.

Recently, I reconnected with an old friend, Lindsey, Β from Junior High, who is also Vegan & she’s a runner. Pretty good combo right? Well she’s helping me with my endurance & distance training & I’m helping her with more of the opposite, like hill workouts, kettlebells, etc.

But since so many of you know what your doing when it comes to running, I want your advice. Actually, I kind of need it because I’m signing up for my first half marathon in august with Lindsey!. (eeeeeeeek!)

So for all of you runners: What’s your favorite way to train for a race? What would you recommend to someone who has never ran a half marathon before? (like me! πŸ˜‰ ) The more advice, the better!

With that being said, I’m going for a run. See ya!

By the way, instead of just responding to this, would anyone want to do a guest post on it?!! E-mail me –> πŸ™‚


About Lisa

My name is Lisa and I am a junior in college majoring in Communication Disorders. I plan to go to graduate school for SLP. I am 20 years old and trying my best to live a fun, healthy and active lifestyle. I love to workout and I've recently found a new love for running and I will be in my first race this May. I've just started blogging, so bare with me as I try to get better at it! I enjoy blogging a lot and I love reading other people's blogs and learning about them and their lifestyle. That's about it for now, thanks for reading :-)
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5 Responses to Help with Running

  1. This post made me smile. πŸ™‚ I’m so excited that you’re wanting to give running a chance! Which half marathon are you planning on doing?

    For my first half marathon, I tried the FIRST approach (found here:,7120,s6-238-244–9369-1-1X2X3X4X5X6X7-8,00.html). I can’t say enough positive things about this training plan! First off, you have three key runs a week: a speed run, a tempo run and a long run. The plan also includes two days of cross-training, so you won’t get too bored or run into the ground (no pun intended!) with an excessive amount of mileage. It’s easy to understand, there’s room to be flexible, and if you want to have a time goal for your first half marathon (some people do, some people don’t), then they help you figure that out too.

    As far as my recommendations, I would include the following:

    1. Don’t freak out if you miss a run. Breathe. It’ll all be okay. πŸ™‚
    2. Have fun! The atmosphere at a half marathon (or any race) is so inspiring and uplifting. Soak it in.
    3. Try to get some race experience. Running by your lonesome or a friend is completely different than running with hundreds or thousands of others, while being timed, and on a specific course with a specific goal. Try to get exposure to this environment beforehand by racing in a 5K. It can also add some excitement if your training starts to get dull!

    That’s all I can think of for now. I’m so excited that you’ve decided to join the running club and hope you enjoy it as much as I have! πŸ™‚

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks so much courtney! I’m gonna check out that website! The Warrior Dash race I did was a 5K, but I’m going to be doing a “normal” 5K race this sunday! So hopefully that goes well πŸ™‚ Thank you again for all of the helpful tips!

  2. herrroooo running buddy! I totally agree with goconfidentlyx, dont freak if you miss a run! I found that when I was following a training plan too rigid, I wasn’t happy. and i often just missed runs and idk it ended poorly. I have found that its so much easier to loosely follow a plan, and if i have a long run planned for a saturday and my legs hurt, ill go to the gym and elliptical or some other form of light cardio and maybe sunday ill go on a long run. or maybe tuesday i have a short quick run planned, but i feel like running far, so ill just switch it up. its easiest for me if you listen to your body. as long as youre getting in some other cardio and working out, three or four days of running will be great. and we need to incorporate sprints into our runs! they help immensely!!!

  3. Tara says:

    I’ve never run a half marathon either, but I’ve had my fair share of training! I’ve been able to stay in really good running shape through cross training, so don’t worry about running every single day. As long as you get enough milage and some long runs in you will be fine. Make sure you enjoy it, because the worst thing you can do (besides get injured) is go too hard and really start to hate running.

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