Challenge from Katie

One of my favorite blogs to read is Katie’s. Yesterday she posted a challenge. A no makeup challenge.

I thought this was such a good idea because it really sends out a strong message, and kind of reminded me of Operation Beautiful.

I mean, I love wearing makeup. But I can do without, and I usually do during the summer time. But even if I do wear makeup, it’s not much because I like that “natural look”.

I have extremely sensitive and pale skin, so I would look a bit ridiculous with caked-on makeup!


& now, my turn!

We're a good looking bunch! 😉

And how about a picture where not only am I not wearing makeup, but I really need a shower? 😉

So will you all follow me & katie and post your own make-up less photos?

And I want to emphasize on something Katie said, “This is meant to be fun, but there’s an important message behind it: Society expects women to maintain a certain image; to put on make-up, paint our nails, curl our hair, shave our legs, pluck our eyebrows, wear high heels… Did I miss anything? How is this fair when men aren’t expected to do any of these things?”. She’s so right!

To read more on Katie’s, check out her post on this challenge.

Question: Do you wear makeup or do you go everyday without it? Do you think this “Challenge” has a good message behind it?


About Lisa

My name is Lisa and I am a junior in college majoring in Communication Disorders. I plan to go to graduate school for SLP. I am 20 years old and trying my best to live a fun, healthy and active lifestyle. I love to workout and I've recently found a new love for running and I will be in my first race this May. I've just started blogging, so bare with me as I try to get better at it! I enjoy blogging a lot and I love reading other people's blogs and learning about them and their lifestyle. That's about it for now, thanks for reading :-)
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4 Responses to Challenge from Katie

  1. chocolate-covered katie says:

    Aww you look beautiful… especially in the photo with the baby!
    But, of course, my favorite photos are the muddy ones. Too funny!

  2. I wear minimal makeup but, if I forget it at home when I’m getting ready at the gym in the morning, it’s no big deal. Also, I rarely wear it on the weekends.

    I think, for those who do wear makeup, it’s good for your self-esteem and your skin to go without, at least every now and then.

    The only area I’d beg to differ with Katie is her view about males having no standards to meet. Males are also bombarded by ads telling them to be tall, dark and handsome, not have any fat and just muscle, as well as to be masculine and aggressive, insensitive and tough. So, I think it’s there for both genders. 🙂

  3. Kaila @healthyhelperblog! says:

    Love those muddy photos!! Looks like such a fun event!

  4. Lenna (veganlenna) says:

    You look SO GOOD without make-up!! 🙂
    I never wear make up..I used to wear quite a lot (well, not like that blond chick on the picture:) just a mascara, foundation and powder..) when I was at highschool, but maybe I am lazy now or maybe I am more content with myself…I just don´t care for it anymore:)


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