Good Addictions?

There can be such things as a “good addiction”, right? Right. Please don’t tell me otherwise, I might get upset.

I’ve started to notice a pattern in a few things that I’ve been doing…

I think I’m addicted to gum. That’s a lie. I know I am. This kind in particular:

Mint Chocolate Chip


I almost always buy this pack of gum, whenever I go into a convience store or at the grocery store. Even if I had a full pack, unopened, I’ll still buy a pack. 

 I’m starting to eat the same foods. A LOT. Okay well yeah I’ve been making more of a conscious effort with fueling my body with good, nutritious foods. But, hopefully I don’t get sick of these foods!

For breakfast I’ve either been eating:

Eggs, spinach, turkey bacon, and ezekiel toast


Sometimes I like this meal so much, I’ll eat it for dinner too.

I mean, I like to cook (sometimes, not really) 😉 But this meal literally takes me like 5 minutes to prepare and it’s so delicious!!

Up close of the goodies




Oatmeal with chia seeds, flaxseeds, and peanut butter!


I’m starting to think I eat too much peanut butter. This could be a problem. But for now I’ll keep it under my good addictions!

Or just peanut butter by itself...


And another good one….

Shakeology! The best Shake ever

I discovered Shakeology not too long ago, and  I love it. It’s given me an amazing amount of energy and makes me feel good. Plus, it tastes delicious too.

individual package


mmmmm- chocolatey


Here might be some bad addictions…
I “sign” while driving. AKA, I’ll usually drive with my left hand and sign ASL with my right. 😉 Sometimes I sign without even realizing it. But if it’s a good song, I’ll try to sign it! That’s better than texting while driving, right?!

Some of my ASL Family!

I wish I never discovered these…


I guess they’re not bad to have once in a while. 😉

And, I hate to admit this addiction, but….


I find myself on Facebook way more than I intend. But, I’m trying to avoid facebook more often. It’s just hard sometimes because I do a lot of school work online and on the computer in general and sometimes it’s just so simple to put off school work and go on Facebook.

Well, I didn’t say I was perfect. 😀

But now I’m off to the gym, to fulfill another one of my addictions. Working out! That’s a good one 😉

Do you have any addictions? Good and Bad?


About Lisa

My name is Lisa and I am a junior in college majoring in Communication Disorders. I plan to go to graduate school for SLP. I am 20 years old and trying my best to live a fun, healthy and active lifestyle. I love to workout and I've recently found a new love for running and I will be in my first race this May. I've just started blogging, so bare with me as I try to get better at it! I enjoy blogging a lot and I love reading other people's blogs and learning about them and their lifestyle. That's about it for now, thanks for reading :-)
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3 Responses to Good Addictions?

  1. leashieloo says:

    Luckily, I don’t have any really bad addictions. I’m also obsessed with facebook, which isn’t that bad except it messes up my productivity! I also can’t live without lattes, sweets, and shopping. Shopping is my downfall.

  2. Courtney says:

    That shake looks so yummy! My addictions are def. Facebook (if I have nothing else to do; it’s my go-to boredom cure… so maybe it’s not quite an addiction), as well as working out (particularly running, Body Sculpt, yoga and spin), Tijuana Flats and chocolate milk after working out. 🙂

  3. Lisa says:

    haha yes facebook def helps fight boredom!! and what is body scuplt?! my gym offers it i think, but i’ve never tried it! and chocolate milk after a workout= perfection 🙂


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