Upset Stomach

Hello! Hope everyone had a good weekend! I did not. Anyone who has been reading my blog most likely knows that on Saturday and Sundays I work doubles as a waitress… which is no fun at all ! I just keep reminding myself that it’s only temporary until I finish college šŸ˜‰

But at work there’s this new rule where we arent allowed to have our cell phones (not even in our aprons) and then yesterday I actually forgot my cell phone at home! So I wasn’t able to take pictures of any food. Plus, I just bought a new camera and I am not risking it getting stolen at work! (Stuff has been stolen before out of the back break room!).

But last night at work I shared a “Brownie Bowl Sundae” with one of my co-workers. We usually work doubles together on Sundays and choose a dessert to split. Neither of us had tried this one before so we decided to, and it was a bad decision.

It’s such a dissapointment when a dessert isn’t amazing. Kind of like a waste of calories šŸ˜€ After we ate it, we both agreed that we felt sick. My stomach just really wasn’t agreeing with me. Luckily, it was the end of my shift and I got to go home shortly after… But my workout this morning had to deal with the consequences.

I think it’s so funny how the foods we eat can dramatically affect our workouts. I woke up this morning, grabbed an apple and headed to my high school’s track. I did about a 10 minute warm up before heading over to the bleachers.

High School Field

Track & Bleachers

I had to mentally prepare myself for bleacher runs (I haven’t done them in a while!). šŸ˜‰ But I did 11 bleacher sprints before I thought I was going to puke. (Thank you Brownie Bowl Sundae). It felt good to run but I wish I could of gone longer. Since I felt like I was going to puke, I took it easy for a couple minutes and went back to the track and did an easy lap around the field. I also brought my kettlebell with me! Since I wasn’t feing my best I only completed 1 set of cleans, 1 set of sumo squats, and 1 set of alternating lunges. After that, I listened to my body and just stopped.

When I got home I had a light breakfast.


Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Toast with Teddy’s Natural Peanut Butter, Watermelon, and Scrambeled Egg Whites with Spinach.

If anyone likes Cinnamon Rasin, this Ezekiel Bread is SO good. (Expensive though šŸ˜¦ )

Cha-Cha-Cha Chiaaaaa

Of course I had to add some Chia Seeds to my toast! šŸ™‚

Well now I’m off to get ready and then I have a date with my school books. yayyy šŸ˜¦
See ya later!

Question: Are there any foods you always stay away from to avoid ruining your workout?
What foods do you feel help you improve your workout? Any suggestions?


About Lisa

My name is Lisa and I am a junior in college majoring in Communication Disorders. I plan to go to graduate school for SLP. I am 20 years old and trying my best to live a fun, healthy and active lifestyle. I love to workout and I've recently found a new love for running and I will be in my first race this May. I've just started blogging, so bare with me as I try to get better at it! I enjoy blogging a lot and I love reading other people's blogs and learning about them and their lifestyle. That's about it for now, thanks for reading :-)
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2 Responses to Upset Stomach

  1. Tara says:

    Usually fruit and fat goes over well with me. I like eating larabars or banana with peanut butter before working out. If I’m not that hungry, I just stick to fruit or a little cereal.


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